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The Estée Edit

April 5, 2016

Estée Lauder was a mover and a shaker in the beauty industry. A real #ladyboss.

History says a snooty department store wouldn’t take a look at the perfume she created, so during the store’s busiest hour, she dropped and broke her sample bottle so all the customers could smell it.

The demand was so immediately high, the store decided to carry her product.

Getting. Things. Done.

The new Estée Edit collection is following in this spirit. Getting things done, beautifully.

This new 82-piece collection has so many gorgeous products, it left my head in a delightful spin.

Exfoliating scrubs that are also face masks and zit zappers? Yes! The White Mud Exfoliating Scrub + Mask does all of that. I’ve been using now for five days and my face has honestly never been softer. Shown here with the Rescue Balm – this multi-purpose face and body cream is so luxe you’ll feel like a Russian billionaire’s daughter.


Exclusively designed for Sephora, this collection has a youthful appeal. There is a stunning lipstick collection with colours from bold to everyday.


Focusing on the ‘nude’ trend, their The Barest lip collection comes with matching lip liners.


There is a colour for everyone with their Skin Glowing Skin Balm. Part foundation, part hydration, part dewy-look maker – I liked the buildable quality of this product.


One of my favourites of the line is their ‘Flash Illuminator’ – coming in five shades you can mix this in with your foundation, wear on it’s own, or use as a highlighter for face and body.


The collection also carries the much-hyped Kendall Jenner created eye shadow palette.

Lots of beautiful shades with two unique, black-light activated shades you wear overtop of your look, so, whilst in the club, you mysteriously sparkle in the dark.


I am a true fan of this line and look forward to hearing what you try!

M Fab Jenner

  1. It is really gorgeous but I think the stand out is the skin care. Both the white mud scrub + mask and the peony night cream are incredible. Truly.

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