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Joyful Nivea

March 31, 2016

Spring Sunshine. 

There is nothing that can put a smile on my face quicker. And, I discovered just how important self-happiness is thanks to an afternoon with joy specialist, Louisa Jewell  and Nivea!


We all know the saying that beauty shines from the inside out. Nivea was curious and conducted surveys by using pictures of several women in emotional states of neutral, sad and happy.

In every single ‘happy’ shot, the women were perceived as 2.25 years younger than their actual age. Beam that smile, beautés!


As Louisa shared with us, not only does happiness affect your appearance, but also one’s mental and physical health. Being kind to another raises endorphin levels (natural anti-depressant) as well as improving cardiovascular health. So why not buy that café for the person behind you?

Need another reason to turn that frown upside down? Nivea’s Q10 Plus series will do just that.


As we age, our skin loses it’s natural elasticity and collagen levels. Nivea’s Q10 Plus is designed to permeate skin to enrich the cellular energy at a base level, which results in a vibrant youthful appearance. Sounds good to me!

I am going to be trying Nivea’s Q10 Plus system for the next month. Follow me on Instagram @immllefab to see the results. I can hardly wait!

In the mean time, prepare to get carded the next time you flash that beautiful grin!

Mlle Fab Smiley Pants


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