Uncommon Goods is the Ultimate Place to Shop

March 22, 2016

I’ve been sick all week…. That means endless hours of online shopping.

Now, I consider myself the King of Cool Gifting… But I have to be honest, it’s all because of this website:

Uncommon Goods

Seriously the best online curation of awesome and unique gifts.

I’ve been gifting from their web store for years but because I’ve kept them a secret, the gifts I get in return have been from other places and are usually less than exciting. The website offers creative and exciting merchandise created by artists and small manufacturing companies; many of which are handmade, recycled, or contain organic products.

So in order to share this online shop with you and hopefully give my family some great ideas for my August birthday (I’m a bossy Leo), I’ve pulled 5 of my ‘I want, I really really want’ gift ideas!

1. Stone Drink Dispenser

Stone Drink Dispenser

Nothing says ‘you fancy’ like bourbon on tap from a cobbled granite drink dispenser.

2. DIY Cinema Light Box

DIY Cinema Lightbox

Your personalized message won’t be missed when it’s glowing bright! Create your own piece of art and use it as a side table lamp.

3. HandTrux Shovel

HandTrux Shovel

When my niece and nephew are trying to dig a hole big enough to burry me on the beach, I need to bring in the heavy artillery to expedite the task at hand.

These creative inventions will have them scooping like a John Deer!

4. Deep Sea Sand Art

Deep Sea Sand Art

Because the late 80’s ended and took sand art with it… And I wasn’t ready for its exit!

5. Butter Churner

Butter Churner

…Come on!!! A Butter Churner! I can’t even!

Trust me, whether your looking for Gifts for Him, Her or even the Kids, Uncommon Goods has all the unimaginable gifts you never even knew you wanted! 

You can thank me later.

Mr. Fab gifts

Looking forward to reading your comments!