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BODY WORLDS Vital at Telus Spark Calgary

March 15, 2016

Last week M.Fab surprised me with a visit.

As a former Calgarian she now lives in bustling Toronto, but when she’s back, I always want to remind her how great our city is!

And during this visit, I found something that we both hadn’t done before to take in together:

Telus Spark’s BODY WORLDS Vital

Warning… The following photos were taken during our experience in the Body Worlds Vital exhibit and may be considered ‘graphic’ by some. 

Now M and I have both heard of the Body Worlds Exhibits but both of us where too wary about what we’d see and how we’d feel to go, so we hadn’t… Until now.

So what did we think?

Our collective thoughts:

Body Worlds Vital gave us all sorts of the ‘feels‘.

Walking in we held our breath, imagining that the exhibit would smell like a morgue.

But the science behind ‘Plastination’ preserves the bodies as-is, with no decay and no smell.

And the entire exhibition is so real & detailed that it looks fake.

Bodies opened revealing the entire inside. The experience is designed to show you how healthy vs non healthy living affects your body through and through.

As we continued deeper into the exhibition, the reality became more ‘real’ and nearing the end, our tummys finally caught up and told us we had seen enough.

For me personally, it was ‘The Skin Man’ that made the biggest impact.


A discussion on how important our skin is to our bodies and how we can choose to keep it young or age it quickly.

Walking away from Body Worlds Vital, M and I both concurred;

We never imagined we would ever see something like this in our life and “Wow!” science is amazing.

Mr & M Fab vital

Looking forward to reading your comments!