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Giusti: My Winefest Best!

March 10, 2016

I love attending wine shows & events.

Beyond the great pours, there’s always a great story to be heard and knowledge to be learnt.

Most recently I attended my favourite yearly wine show: Winefest, where I was able to meet this guy.

Joe Giusti

The owner of a 75 hectare vineyard located in Nervesa della Battaglia, a rural village in the province of Treviso, Italy.

Also the largest single owner of prosecco-producing vineyards in the world.

And he happens to be Calgarian too!

Joe Giusti purchased the land and vineyard in 2004 and now holds a 19 product collection produced by the winery.

During Winefest I was able to sample several of the family’s offerings including 4 Proseccos.

The Rosalia is my favourite: fresh, fruity with hints of Golden Apple and Lemon.

Now don’t go searching for this bottle label.

That night Mr. Giusti gave me a sneak peek at a new label to come; elegant vines overlaid with the family’s crest all in white.

Now as you know I really like things sweet. With that said, my stand out product from the entire night also happened to be from the same vineyard.

Giusti Passito Bianco also known as ‘Sweet Raisin Wine’

After being harvested, the grapes are laid to dry in the sun on straw mats until they’re ‘raisins’ then they’re pressed into this aromatic sweet nectar.

With hints of Honey, Vanilla and Wildflowers, this was my everything!

Once again Winefest impressed and my squad and I left with new tales and satisfied taste buds!

Always a fun evening!

Mr. Fab iusti

Looking forward to reading your comments!