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March 6, 2016

2016 has renewed my health kick. My quest for the return of my booty has begun!

The only down side is looking after my skin between gym sessions in WINTER. Well bonjour, THEFACESHOP’s new line SMIM!

faceshop new product launch

The SMIM line by THEFACESHOP provides intensive care for skin problems like dryness, dullness & dumbness of wrinkles. Salut, Radiant Complexion!

How? The ingredients are easily absorbed by skin due to a dual fermentation process – fancy talk for, the ingredients are in the purest form for skin to recognise & use.

First off, can we talk about the packaging? SO FREAKING PRETTY.

And, the heart tabs? Shut your adorable face.

The entire line smells FANTASTIC. Fresh and light with a hint of candied Vitamin C. It’s pure sensory delight!

The Radiance Collagen Toner is the first step. It’s light and cleanses the skin well. This is in my gym bag and I smooth on with a cotton pad before and after I workout to fight bacteria induced pimples.

Followed by the Radiance Collagen Mist. LOVE this.

The fine spray is wonderful and can also be used as a refreshing spray throughout the day or for setting make-up. So awesome!

Radiance Collagen Essence is next up.

Introducing every wrinkle’s nightmare: COLLAGEN.  This gel formula smooths on easily!

Radiance Collagen Emulsion.

Oh my goodness, mes amies, this smells SO GOOD. And, this light gel formula gives your beautiful face yet ANOTHER dose of collagen love!

Radiance Collagen Cream. Follow up with this puppy and say au revoir to winter dullness! I keep this in my gym bag to use right after I cleanse my face and it feels incredibly luxurious and hydrating.

Plus, if my face feels dry throughout the day, I smooth on another layer as it’s light  and makes my skin feel baby soft.

Dewy Radiance Moisture Cream. Packed with Hyaluronic Acid, this is a BIG kiss of moisture for your visage. We lose HA as we age which creates aging skin results of sagging, dullness and wrinkles. Ick. This cream helps to combat exactly that trifecta. Oui, svp!

Though highly hydrating, this cream felt feather soft on my face. I like wearing it at night for an extra bit of moisturising love.

Real Clay Pack. Belarus clay is known for helping to eliminate excess sebum (oil in the skin; think pimple precursor) as well as tightening pores.

Because of brilliant Make-up Artist, Charlotte Tilbury, I now use this mask before a big night out to give my skin that extra bit of glow from within.

THEFACESHOP’S SMIM line is fantastic. I’m a huge fan already after using for just a week.

Due to the extra cleansing from working out, SMIM is a wonderful balance to my skincare routine. Moisture has returned to my face once again!

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