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Rosewood Jam Night

March 6, 2016

Before I moved to Montréal, I sold everything except my clothes, kitchen accessories and my music books. I am a FREAK for music.

Especially when it’s live.

You can imagine my delight about receiving an invitation to the Rosewood’s Lengendary Jam Night!

The vieux port restaurant is a neighbourhood hangout. And, on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of EVERY month, there is a live jam!

HINT: prepare your ears for surprise guests like Jonas and Quebec Rockstar. Count me in!

As for the fare, think up-scale pub. My favs thus far:

The charcuterie board. Variety of meats with pickled veggies? So tasty & easy to share!

Chorizo Salad. Loved the mixture of the salty chorizo with the sweet oranges and crisp scariole (prickly lettuce).

Roasted Lamb with cheddar potatoes. WOW. Talk about mouth watering. The meat slid off the bone and directly into my mouth. Yum!

And, the creamy cheesy mash?! More, svp!

The chocolate Sunday was a home-run for presentation and taste. Simply delish & tasty!

The cocktails need an honourable mention as they BLEW MY MIND.

Russian Bride. Vodka with a beet simple syrup, lime juice & fresh dill? Pure delight!

A chef from a well-known Montréal resto was in attendance and he was impressed by the combination. He told me not to be surprised to see the same pairing in other la belle ville restaurants soon!

Midnight Oil. Jack with a house raspberry ginger beer & rosemary vapours. OH MY GOODNESS. This cocktail was BRILLIANT.

Live tunes, sophisticated pub fare and off the hook cocktails? I’m in, Rosewood!

Be sure to go early, as it tends to pack up quickly. Please save a stool for me at the bar!

Mlle Fab Jam


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