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The Lady Dita Von Teese

March 2, 2016
Dita Von Teese Montreal

An evening with the extraordinary Ms. Dita Von Teese? Oui, svp!

The infamous burlesque dancer graced Montréal with her presence this past Sunday at Le Grand Cabaret.

dita von teese red carpet montreal

An evening of 1940s inspired entertainment.

From Burlesque & Belly Dancing to Circus & Song.

The ladies ruled the stage! But, Ms. Von Teese earned her name.

I now understand why she is the reigning queen.

Her ‘tease’ is spot on. Why do I say that? Sure all the other dancers gradually & gracefully removed pieces of clothing to tantalize the audience but Dita takes this to a whole other level.

Ms. Von Teese reveals maybe a ¼ cheek for a brief moment. Not even a full bar of music! Only at the very end did she reveal her silver pasties and panties for a literal few seconds. I appreciated her modesty with those choreographic choices.

Plus, I can see her ballet training – bourées & chassés in demi-pointe fifth position. Strong graceful control of her body.

Dita is simply a pro. Spot on choreography which is smart & sophisticated.

She’s cotton candy for the eye!

Her costume? WANT!!!! I’m thinking it was Dior couture from underpinnings to corset to stockings to floor length ball gown to 12 foot black sable fur.

Delicate black lace with layers upon layers of tulle and a dash of fur: DROOL.

And she tops this off with black leather Louboutin’s. Be still my beating heart!

The teeny beautiful lady, is truly that a LADY. A real class act. If you get a chance to see her perform, RUN to the theatre!

Mlle Fab Von Teese Fan


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