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Atoderm: The Winter Skin Saver

February 29, 2016
Bioderma Launch Product new

This winter has been BRUTAL on my skin. I don’t live in the Sahara Desert, but my skin certainly feels like it. I need help. Stat!

Thankfully the BIODERMA  fairy showed up at my door with some winter skin savers: Atoderm!

The dermatologist created brand has a new line Atoderm, which is specifically for treating dry winter skin. Let’s be honest, they had me at “dermatologist”!

As you can see, I broke into the Atoderm shower gel pronto as I LOVE hot showers. I wanted to see if the gel could moisturise my skin before I even toweled off.

Verdict: My body feels smooth & not itchy. Bonus: The smell is fresh like I just stepped into a new spring rain!

I followed up with the Atoderm PP Baume which is known for calming dry irritated skin.

Thick & Saturating.

The consistency is between a body butter and a straight lotion. It rubs in so easily! I apply lotion like a 4 yr old, so this is an important factor ;).

Next, it’s onto my hands with the Atoderm Mains + Ongles (hands & nails). Due to cold season, I am washing my hands like MAD, but the result is crocodile city. Ow, indeed. This light lotion soaks in and stays put!

I now keep it in my bedside drawer for an extra bit of moisturising love before catching some ZZZZs.

And last, but not least, the Atoderm lèvres. This sweet smelling lip balm stays put, even while sipping copious amounts of tea. My lips are in hydrated heaven!

A big MERCI BEAUCOUP to Bioderma for letting me try the Atoderm line. Not only does it smell & feel fantastic, my skin has now also migrated from the Sahara Desert to the Brazillian Rain Forest!


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