Stand Up, Wear Pink!

February 24, 2016

In 2007 Nova Scotian teens David Shepherd and Travis Price purchased 50 pink shirts and distributed them after classmate Charles McNeill was bullied for wearing one during the first day of school.

And now, because of that landmark day, 25 countries participate in pink shirt day encouraging the world to take a stance against bullying.

This year our friends at Shaw Communications have been encouraging communities across Canada to make a #PinkyPromise and share them on social media.

And to show our support, the FAB family would like to share ours with you.

Mr. Fab (@immrfabulous)

I #PinkyPromise that I will support the underdog that may feel out-of-place in this world. I think we all deserve to feel fabulous and shine bright in our own unique ways.

Mlle. Fab (@immllefab)

I #PinkyPromise to continue to lend my voice to those afraid to do so.

M. Fab (@immfab)

I #PinkyPromise that I will continue to encourage others to be proud of who they are!

So today, don your pink for #pinkshirtday and let’s make sure bully’s know we’re watching and have taken a stand!

Let’s be great to each other!

FAB Fams Promise.


Thanks to your support nearly 25,000 Pink Shirt Promises were made across Canada, both on social media and Post-It Pink walls. This important campaign will help bring an end to bullying and ensure our children and youth are safe from the negative impact of bullying, and it couldn’t have been done without you.

We hope you will continue to share your anti-bullying commitments and welcome you to share this milestone impact of 25,000 promises on social platforms or on your blog. Thank you again for your #PinkyPromise and the awareness you brought to this important initiative.

Looking forward to reading your comments!