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Love is Blind

February 23, 2016

I can’t image a world without sight. But for some it’s a reality.

Last week I was invited to experience a dinner in a sightless person’s shoes at an event named Love is Blind in support of the Alberta Guide Dog Services.

After Arriving to Willow Park Wines & Spirits, I was treated to a glass of Torres Wines, Santa Digna Estelado Rose and plenty of wet kisses by some of the puppies in training.

I then grabbed a seat at a 6 top and introduced myself to my table mates.

The table was adorned with dozens of crystal wine glasses as the 6 course dinner I was about to feast on would be paired with appropriate wines.

But from food to beverages, I wouldn’t see what I was about to eat or drink.

Moments later I was blindfolded and I began to question myself on how many glasses I was about to smash.

So what’s it like to dine with no sight?

A tad bit complicated.

From large pieces of butter lettuce to finicky risotto I realized how lucky I have it that I can actually see what I’m about to scoop up.

There were moments of the night where I found it easiest to just ditch my fork opt for either a spoon and even in some cases just my hands.

And it was just delicious…

And then there was a moment where all of my food made its way off the plate and  onto the table; I had thought I had finished my course.

During the experience your senses are heightened and you rely more on your sense of smell and touch to figure out what you’re actually eating.

Texture and flavours are elevated and eating and drinking takes on a whole new feel.

During the night, as I dined on great food and exceptional wines  you realize how so very grateful you are for the assistance of the servers.

That night they acted as our guides. Pouring, serving, clearing and even guiding us to the washrooms.

They turned what would have been a seemingly impossible night for us to have managed into an wonderful one to enjoy!

Live is Blind made me realize was how important organizations like Alberta Guide Dog Services are to people with reduced sight.

Having a companion to be there to make tasks easier can make a world of difference.

Mr. Fab dogs

  1. This is such an amazing idea for such a great cause. I am glad you embraced it! Plus you got to play with the puppies!!

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