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Guerlain Orchidée Impériale

February 22, 2016

The packaging. The texture. The glamour. I LOVE beauty brands. Especially luxury brands. Who doesn’t?!

When my invitation arrived to celebrate Guerlain’s 10yrs of Orchidée Impériale, I was thrilled to say the least!

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale is a skincare line that was created 10 years ago, but the research for the luxurious product started over 15 years ago. 


Guerlain continues it’s fundamental research in their private laboratory in Strasbourg, France. This work is supported by their Experimental Garden in Geneva Switzerland, which houses 3000 orchid specimens. More support is offered by their fully sustainable Exploratory Nature Reserve in Tianzi, China, where each orchid takes 7 years to grow. 

Oui, beauty takes time and can sometimes hurt, but it shouldn’t hurt Mother Nature.

Orchidée Impériale is made with 3 types of orchids: Gold Orchid, Vanda Coerulea & Vanda Teres. Together these three flowers create bioenergetic energy that is delivered straight to the core of skin cells to regenerate cellular life. 

Fancy talk for: clear luminescent skin from the base level.

The Guerlain line has 16 products from Pre-Treatment (cleanser) to Essentials (crème) to Specifics (skin problems) to Complexion (cream foundation) to Intensive Care.

The facial I experienced was HEAVENLY. All of the products were lightly scented of orchids, but it wasn’t over-powering. Think walking through a forest and coming upon a wild orchid. It is that delicate.


My fav of the products was Le Masque. 

It felt like honey on my skin. The beautiful esthetician left me while the masque did it’s work on my face and décolletage (neck and collar area) 


I drifted off, which she assured me was ‘normal’, and when I awoke my skin was SO HYDRATED & SOFT! Like cheeks of a newborn baby! 

Truth time: It’s pricey. $400 per container but the good side is that it should last up to 6 months as the masque treatment is once a week. And the results are worth the spend! 


Guerlain, you are one classy lady. MERCI BEAUCCOUP for inviting me to celebrate your 10yr anniversary of Orchidée Impériale. You gave me the best bday take-away bag ever: beautiful skin!


Mlle Fab


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