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Loving South African Wines

February 18, 2016

A few months after moving to Toronto, I was invited to start on a wine journey with the incredible team at iYellow Wine Club, Toronto’s social wine club.


I say ‘journey’ not because it has been arduous, but because wine is complicated and fascinating and you can never know everything about it. With their events and tasting nights, you can learn so much while having a fun night out.

Living near so many amazing wine regions here in Ontario, I love buying local and tend to drink what I know I’ll like.

Something white with bubbles? Yes please.


So when I get an invite to taste wine from an emerging region, it’s fantastic because I get to try wine I wouldn’t normally select from the LCBO, and then tell you about it!

iYellow hosts an ‘I Love South African’ wine event with over 30 wines from South Africa for tasting.

Here are my three favourites this year I think you’ll like:

This year I discovered the Pinotage – a grape varietal only found in South Africa. It is a crossing of Pinot Noir and Cinsault.

1) The Grinder
This is a Pinotage you have to try. A little bit coffee, some dark chocolate, a bit of red fruit – I think you’ll love it.
And the price – under $14 at the LCBO.


2) House of Mandela Sauvignon Blanc.
I may be partial to this wine as I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Mandela family , learning about their collection of wine. But this wine is super tasty! And I love how it’s fair trade and the Mandela family promotes women in the wine industry.
And the price – under $13 at the LCBO.


3) Boschendal’s 1685 Chardonnay
I normally don’t like Chardonnays, but gave this one a try and I really liked it.
Making wine since 1685 in South Africa – the Boschendal winery knows their stuff. This wine has some apple and citrus notes and will pair nicely with a patio and some sunshine.
And the price – under $15 at the LCBO


I’ve always enjoyed wine, but once you start learning about it’s history and complexities and start trying wines from regions outside of your comfort zone, it can truly become a passion. I hope you can snap up some of the above wines. I’d love to hear what you think!

M Fab PeenoNoir

Looking forward to reading your comments!