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Trim, Pluck & Clip; A Tweezerman Giveaway

February 10, 2016

February 14th is just days away and the prep is on…. For women.
Trust me, I’ve been meeting my many GF’s for lunch & coffees between their many appointments.

Hair, makeup, waxing, brow sculling; The list of what ladies go through to look and feel good is endless.

And then there is us guys…

Personally it takes me 7 minutes to get ready and I think I’m good to go! But am I?

Recently I discovered some new G.E.A.R, designed for men by Tweezerman, that can help me look and feel better by just adding an extra few minutes to my routine.

First up, Mustache & Beard Scissors with Comb

You know what grosses me out? When your hair on upper lip starts creeping it’s way into your mouth!

A quick brush & snip and you’ll be eating your next meal sans hair.

Then it’s time to move above the ears.

When you’re between haircuts, take the time to trim the unruly hairs around your ears. It’ll buy you a few more days till your next cut.

Next up, the 2014 Allure Award winning Tweezerman Slanted Tweezers. 

If you’ve ever wonder why your man isn’t crying during those sappy movies, it’s because we are cried out from nose hair plucking!

Whether it’s that hair on the upper inside that feels like it’s attached to the back of your brain or those tiny hairs that you can only stand to pluck one a day, these tweezers grip well and tear quick!

Now it’s time to talk about your man claws.

Let’s face it, chewing them off may be a tasty treat but nobody wants to date a guy that’s got janky sharp nails.

So let me introduce you to the BEST nail clippers on the market!
Tweezermans Precision Grip Fingernail Clippers!

Not only are these bad boys wider and easy for our man hands to grasp, they are equipped with the ‘relationship saver’.

A slide open case that catches your clippings and makes them easy to dispose of.

Because if you think stepping on your kids Lego is sharp, wait till you step on one of your partner’s rogue nail clippings!

I am totally in love with the ease and quality of these products, so much so that I need you to own them too.

So I’m giving a Tweezerman Essential Grooming Kit away!

To enter, all you’ll need to do is comment below and tell me who or what you love the most.

Whether it’s your man, your women or even pizza pops, share your love bellow and hopefull I’ll be sharing my favorite Tweezerman products with you!

Good luck and gussy up!

Mr. Fab

  1. I love my husband who is my best friend and my partner in everything. I am so fortunate that we found each other. PS. He would be the recipient of this prize if I were to win 😉

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