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Oikos Creations

February 4, 2016

I have a terrible sweet tooth. Doesn’t matter what I’ve eaten, I can polish off a plate of dessert like I was inhaling air. One might say that it’s a talent. cough

So, I try to find healthier versions to combat my gluttonous ways. Needless to say, it was a delightful surprise to be invited to sample Oikos Creations!

I’ve always loved this Greek yogurt as it’s creamy in texture, but loaded with body lovin’ lean protein. 10 grams of protein per 125ml serving. Talk about a protein punch!

Why is protein good? It aids to quicken muscle repair as well as helping brain function and leveling insulin, which helps metabolism function well. It’s my BFF.

The new flavours of Oikos Creations are drool inducing.

Chocolate Banana

Coconut Crème

Rasberry Choco


Lemon Meringue


I love that I can throw one in my gym bag for after a workout because it’s so small, but it’s loaded with protein.
Or that I can enjoy a decadent dessert after a meal without any guilt. Pffft, I’ll even have TWO!

In the words of Ms. Antoinette,

“Let them eat Oikos Creations!”

Mlle Fab Dessert Lover


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