Wet & Wild

February 1, 2016

It’s been a long time since I heard the brand name ‘Wet n Wild’.
I honestly thought they were gone the way of the Caboodle, Malibu Musk and Kissing Koolers.

An amazing brand in the 90s that faded into the long forgotten pages of YM.

But they’re back (well, they technically never really left), and their new collection is fun and vibrant.

Wet n Wild is 100% cruelty-free, so it’s nice to get behind a brand that doesn’t test on our furry friends!

Launching this Spring, you’ll be able to find a complete brush range – with insanely affordable price points (they start at just $1) and bristles that create a real-hair effect but are certified vegan.

I’m digging the ergonomic handles with a small finger groove – they fit nicely into my hand for precise application.

Primers can be expensive, but the Wet n Wild collection of Primers for lids, lashes and skin are an affordable way to keep your makeup in place, all day.

I love me my illuminators and contour palettes and these two do the trick with a few shade options to choose from.

Nail polish blows right off my fingernails, so I never bother – but their new ‘1 Step Wonder Gel’ polish promises you’ll get salon-quality gel manicures, without the top coat and UV light. It comes in 18 great shades, from neutral to bold.

Their ‘Velvet Matte Lip Color’ pencils are a really great alternative to lipstick and super easy to apply. I am liking their buildable formula – one swipe for subtle, three for bold.

I think the stars of their collection are their eyeliners. I can’t even count how many types and colours they’re releasing. From a chunky, graphic marker style to a precise finely-tipped style – I was in liner heaven. I will try them all and write a liner story soon!

The new Spring collection certainly isn’t the same as back in the day, but when it hits stores this February – lace up those Dr Martens, spritz on some Electric Youth and pick up some of these affordable and fun products.


MFab Team Brenda

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