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REVLON – Straightforward Beauty

January 28, 2016

There is no such thing as popping into the drug store quickly for mascara.

You’d better pack a snack because finding the right mascara is a lengthy struggle. There are SO MANY OPTIONS!

Do you go with volume or lift?
Impact or colossal?
Sensational or sexy?
Definition or drama?
Plumping or hydrating?

Now REVLON has made the search so much easier.

Introducing REVLON’s new mascara collection.


Taking the very best attributes from their previous, much larger collection, and distilling them down into an easy to understand, straightforward collection of just five options.

Clearly labeled with sensible names, they show you what the brush looks like along with associated benefits of each. Clearly. Right on the front. No small print or misleading adjective use. So you can go put those snacks away.

I love this simplified, ‘best of the best’ collection. Their formula leaves my lashes looking glossy and their clever, ergonomically designed packaging (see how the tube is ‘squashed’ so you can grip it easily?) won’t slip while applying.


Let’s talk foundation.

Just when you think REVLON’s iconic ColorStay foundation couldn’t get any more amazing…it does!

Check out these wonderful, 2-in-1 compacts with concealer. Ditch the worries of matching your concealer to your foundation – REVLON has done that for you, all inside this neat and tidy little compact.

revlon_2_in_1_compact_Concealer 1

Now perfume!

It’s been nearly thirty years since their last fragrance release, so REVLON‘s ‘Love is On’ fragrance is a gorgeous blend of ‘velvety rose, spice and vanilla infused musk’. It smells as pretty as it looks and I think would make a lovely Valentine’s Day gift.


And finally I want to tell you about their new Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor. Coming in eight gorgeous, absolutely wearable shades, this super lightweight gel formula is moisturizing and powerfully pigmented. One swipe will do ya.


Smelling of vanilla and mango, these are a must buy and a must sniff.

I love it when things are made easier. Wearing and shopping for makeup shouldn’t be a struggle.

REVLON’s latest collection removes the guesswork, while adding the glamour.

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