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Toronto’s Design Week 2016

January 22, 2016

For design-lovers, this is the week to be in Toronto.

So much design, so little time.

Hitting up two of my favourite design events last night, I want to share with you some of the highlights. There is so much going on and so many outrageously talented designers to mention, but here we go!

Come Up To My Room

This event is held at the historic Queen West Landmark – The Gladstone Hotel every year. The event transforms four floors of this hotel with installations.

Titled the ‘alternative design event’ – I love coming here each year to see the wild, the bold, the whimsical side to design. Design that doesn’t take itself too seriously and stretches the imagination on what is possible.

Here are some of the show highlights this year.

Nicole Beno

CUTMR_Nicole_Beno (1)

This photo is a fusion of some of her pieces that line one of the main hallways, entitled ‘FICTIONS’.

The bold colours, the nearly psychedelic nature of the patterns – I could stare at her work all day.

Shelter Bay


Not only is their customizable collection of pendant lights, entitled ‘UNION’, gorgeous to look at, it was triggered by motion, so when you move around it, the lights are triggered, creating a beautiful effect.

The Ferris Bueller Room


This perfect recreation of the iconic Ferris Bueller room was created by Sarah Keenlyside and Joseph Clement. This labour of love turned into a search for rare knickknacks and electronics that will all be donated to the Red Cross once the event wraps.

Now, the Interior Design Show of Toronto (IDS)

This show is massive on both a square footage and talent-related scale.

Last night’s legendary opening night party was a whirlwind of beautiful furniture, stunning design and Toronto’s most attractive people in their finest, drinking like (stylish) fish.

My faves? So hard to narrow it down, but here are some stalls you have to check out if you’re planning on checking out the show.

ROLLOUT – booth 434

I love this custom wallpaper company and their latest collection demonstrates their unique approach and focus on creativity, perfectly.

Collaborating with David Palmer and surface designer Robert Sangster, there are so many patterns and colourways you will find yourself in wallpaper heaven.


This is Robert Sangster by his pattern ‘Colour Inky’.

Jan Kath – booth 1628

ids16_Jan_Kath_Textiles_Woven-e1453498382683 (2)

Absolutely breathtaking textile design. A creative mix of classic and contemporary that is eye-catching and drool worthy.

Habitat for Humanity – booth 129


Their Brick by Brick collaboration used over 35,000 Mega Blok bricks to build a giant house – enough bricks that when stacked would be twice as tall as the CN Tower.

EQ3 Assembly Collection – booth 922

Releasing a capsule collection created by 10 emerging Canadian designers, this creative collection ranged from quilts to this incredible dining table from Shawn Place.


But there are so many more noteworthy booths to check out. Like my favourite small-batch furniture makers – Coolican & Company, to Khalil Jamal and his ingeniously playful ‘Column’ – a reconfigurable side table, to Miele’s fully immersive experience featuring café’s and kitchens serving up tasty bites using their technology.

Both shows run until January 24th here in Toronto and I couldn’t recommend checking them out enough!

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Looking forward to reading your comments!