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Inside the Coors Light Mystery Mansion

January 20, 2016

If you search the web you’ll find very little details about the Coors Light Mystery Mansion.

A secret party heard about in conversation, shrouded in mystery… With the only way in to win a key.

Well a few weeks ago, that luck hit the FAB team!

Coors Light Mystery Mansion Keys

This is your behind the scenes look into the Coors Light Mystery Mansion.

This year the MM was held in Calgary, AB and all the key holders from around Canada (and local) made their way to the city and were booked in at a hotel.

After checking in to the hotel, we were told to meet outside at 8:45 and get into a vehicle that would take us to the Mansion.

I had started to wonder if this was an elaborate hoax to kidnap me and the team. But we decided to take our chances.

Coors Light Mystery Mansion interior

As we hit the lobby at 8:30 we were surrounded by 100+ other equally anxious and confused winners like ourselves.

Minutes later we began to board a very large coach bus. When it was full, the lights went dark and we were on our way… Still not sure of our destination.

As the bus took its first right, it came to a hault…. Not at a mansion. But just the same, we had arrived, this was our final destination… 2 walking minutes from the hotel.

And although it was not a mansion, the disappointment lasted only a fraction of a second as this very large converted former theatre was much cooler!

Coors Light Mystery Mansion Calgary AB Canada

From the moment you waked in, the party was alive and the drinks, Coors Light, was flowing!

Coors Mystery Masnsion Winner

The venue was giant.

Multiple levels with multiple rooms each hosting a unique type of experience.

There was a room with a full sized arcade.

Inside Coors Light Myster Mansion

All the games you could image including a Mario Kart competition being played on the 30 foot high wall.

There was a casino, were I cleaned up at Black Jack!

Coors Mystery Mansion Secret

And the rooms didn’t stop there.

There was an art room where your empty Coors Lights were transformed into Coors Altitudes behind hidden doors.

And a martini room where your Coors Light was turned into a fancier fare.

Coors Light Party Mystery Mansion

Then there was the ‘Great Room’!

A place where once you entered, you never left.

Secret Mystery Mansion Coors Light Location

This is where we spent most of our night.

The largest room where everyone gathered to dance and drink the night away while an international DJ spun.

Win Coors Light Mystery Mansion Party

From silk performers who dangled from the ceiling to flexible contortionist, the Coors Light Mystery Mansion spared nothing to ensure its guests were highly entertained.

Inside Coors Light Myster Mansion party Canada

And even when it was time to go, they didn’t let the guests leave before one of the largest feather filled pillow fight ensued.

Coors Mystery Mansion Party Pillow Fight

Now in all fairness, I had left the room for a moment and returned to this, so one can’t guarantee this pillow fight wasn’t just initiated by the libations.

Coors Light Mystery Mansion Calgary AB inside

But regardless of how or why it started… It was an epic way to close the night!

The Coors Light Mystery Mansion was a party like no other and will have me tearing into boxes like a kid at Christmas next time they start hiding keys in them.

I must return to the mansion!

Naked Guy Silver Coors Light Mansion Party

Mr. Fab light

Looking forward to reading your comments!