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Cottage Cheese Dreams

January 13, 2016

About two months ago I was given a sample of yogurt-looking container simply labeled ‘Smooth’ Vanilla Bean by Gay Lea.


Not one to turn down a sample, I gleefully peeled back the tinfoil lid and spooned into my face a smooth, flecked, yogurt-like substance.


Still unaware of what it was exactly I was eating, I knew one thing for sure:


“Is it pudding?
Is it yogurt?
Is it all my dessert dreams rolled into one small container?”

Then I took another closer look at the smaller print:

‘Nordica Smooth – the deliciously smooth cottage cheese’


Um, what?!!

Cottage cheese?!

But that is salty and bland and something I put on my salad when I need some protein, this is creamy and tastes like dessert heaven. And now it’s all I think about.

Breakfast (or lunch, or snack time, or dessert…) has never tasted so good!

Currently in two delectable flavours – vanilla bean and salted caramel. Salted caramel is just as amazing as you’d like it’d be. Perhaps even more so.

Found in Ontario dairy aisles, next to – you guessed it – the jealous old-school cottage cheese containers. Hopefully across Canada soon.

M Fab CottageCheesePlease

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