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December 30, 2015

After sipping back the gravy like it was soda water this Christmas, it was important to keep myself motivated to move.

I recently started as a blogger ambassador with GoodLife Fitness. With locations across Canada – and my membership that allows me to use all of them when I travel – you’d think I wouldn’t have any excuses not to workout.

But still, crawling out of my warm cozy bed during the cold winter months is sometimes easier said than done.

So M. Fab and I have decided to share our active & healthy tips in hopes we can motivate each other, and should you need any motivation, you too!

Mr. Fab

Money Talks

If money motivates you then you’ve got to check out the PACT app.

On a weekly basis you’ll pledge how many times you’ll ‘workout’ that week and assign a dollar value that you’ll pay should you miss one of your days.

You have 3 ways to achieve your workouts:

-GPS tracking will log you into your gym when you’re in it; you have to stay there a minimum of 30 minutes

-Hit 10,000 steps in a day and it’ll qualify as a workout.

-Move in an ‘above average’ manor for 30 minutes (like jogging outside) and you’ll have your day made.

And here’s the best part… Make all your week’s workout commitments and you’ll be paid!

The money other app users loose by not keeping their commitment will be portioned off into the accounts of the successful users.

It might not be a lot of money, but in the last year it’s kept me from ever missing a planned week of activity!

Eat It

Besides my insatiable sweet cravings, over sized meal portioning is my downfall.

So that’s where Smart Ones come in.

Available at all supermarkets, Smart Ones offer proper portion sizes, a good mix of meal options, many rich in protein, all at a reasonable price.

Sure, freshly prepared meals would be a better option but who’s got time for that when the ‘h-anger’ sets in….

With these it’s just a few minutes in the microwave and it’s monster-be-gone!

M. Fab

Time to Step

To keep me motivated I used to love my FitBit, until it did me a dirty and died after just six months of tracking this butt in action. Then I discovered a free App that comes along with iPhones simply called ‘Health’.

As long as your phone is on your person, it tracks everything from your total steps, to flights of stairs climbed.

You can see your daily numbers or see your progress over time.

For instance, I usually clock in around 10,000 steps on a good day. Then Christmas hit and my average step count bottomed out to under 100. (100 steps back and forth to the kitchen table, I suspect…) But seeing the facts has made me ‘step’ up my game!

Drink it

I love fancy drinks and what’s fancier than bubbles you can create at home using plain and simple tap water!?

I adore my SodaStream Power and the ability to quickly bubble up fancy water to sip on after a nice walk or work out.

It’s super simple; and keeping things easy peasy is my key to staying motivated and healthy.

So what keeps you feeling your best?

We’re always looking for ways to keep on keeping on and we’d love to know your tricks and tips!

Tweet us or leave a comment and share with us!

Mr. & M. Fab

Looking forward to reading your comments!