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Clinique Univers Nuface

December 18, 2015

Chatting with ma mère over FaceTime. She’s highly physical having been a yoga teacher as well as a runner her entire life. Due to a chronic injury, the running has stopped.

Stay with me, it’ll all come together, I promise!

We’re talking holidays and I ask what she’d like under the tree. She takes a moment and rubs her hip, “My right sacroiliac to be better”.

Sounds like an impossible task until I met Dr. Naqvi from Clinique Univers Nuface!

Clinique Univers Nuface had the ribbon cutting on their gorgeous high tech office this month and I had the pleasure of meeting the man behind the medical esthetic clinic, Dr Naqvi.

Dr. Naqvi started out as a GP doctor and for the past ten years specializes solely in injections. He is highly entertaining and quite the character.

This throne in his office should paint a good picture (I want one in my home, too!).

A couple of things stayed with me from our conversation; His innovative work with Advanced PRP and his view on beauty.

What is PRP? Platelet Rich Plasma.

Why is it special? It’s the part of our blood that contains a concentration of growth factors – fancy talk for, these parts of the blood make the body heal faster and/or regenerate.

Imagine constant chronic pain in your body 24/7. Après as little as one session, the pain has disappeared!

Currently, he is testing the Advanced PRP to heal a hip that required a full replacement. All I will say, was that the surgery has been postponed as an injection was given in July and the subject is now FULL ON RUNNING. My mind is BLOWN.

Now for the beauté. Ever hear of the Vampire Facial? That’s Advanced PRP again!

At Clinique Univers Nuface, this treatment is available but Dr. Naqvi adds in his own concoction. The results are INCREDIBLE . The fountain of youth may have been found!

All this said, the clinic also offers all the usual medical esthetic services such as fraxel (lazer resurfacing/regenerating) to botox to fillers. The bottom line with Dr. Naqvi is that his clients always hold the wheel.

“I never suggest changes to a client. What makes me think that I have the right to say what is ‘beautiful’ or ‘handsome’. Why would I put my ideals of beauty on someone else? I give them the magic wand to make the changes THEY want and then I make those changes happen.”


The Clinique Univers Nuface space itself is pristine and spacious with a bit of a fantastical twist – self serve candy wall? Oui, svp!

Worried about discretion? Confidentiality is a must at the clinic. Leave the floppy hat at home!
SO, whether the fountain of youth is yearned for or a chronic injury is wished to be healed, you need to look into Dr. Naqvi at Clinique Univers Nuface. I know I’m hoping that a certain Christmas wish will come true.

While I pretend to rule the kingdom, get your runners ready, mum!


Mlle Fab
ristmas Wish

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