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American Girl & Uncle Fab

December 17, 2015

With my brother living in another province, getting to see my niece has become only a semi-annual event.

Now in order to maintain my position as the ‘favourite’ uncle when I see her, my quality time has to be top notch and my gifts have got to be the best!

And this year, thanks to American Girl opening in the new Indigo Kids in Chinook Centre, I’ll be delivering the ultimate gift of the season!

With so many cute personalities to choose from, you’d think finding the perfect doll would be tricky…

Not the case: The American Girl boutique is an easy space to shop.

Wide aisles, beautifully displayed dolls and a plethora of adorable accessories.

The themed alcoves are not only well stocked with head to toe looks for your doll but also have the matching looks for their owners!

And this is exactly my nieces EVERYTHING: a matching outfit for her & her doll.

This holiday I’ll be showing up ready to spend endless hours performing living room theatre, playing dress-up, hide-and-go seek… And best of all taking in the smiles this perfect American Girl doll & outfit will bring to my nieces face!

So glad it opened in Calgary and has given me the upper hand!

Mr. Fab doll

Looking forward to reading your comments!