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The Fab Fam’s Quick & Glamourous Beauty Tips with KISS

December 11, 2015

Getting dolled up can be lots of fun. Makeup, hair, nails, and some killer shoes… But all that can take time you don’t have.

This year the Fab Gals discovered a new beauty brand  – KISS – known for creating great fakies, falsies and curls.

And because we believe ‘Fast is the new Fab’, @immllefab & @immfab have picked out their favourite products for this holiday season’s most glamorous, but also ridiculously fast, products

These will help you go from drab to fab in no time!

Mlle Fab Picks…

Fake nails? Ew. Never… Until I met the KISS Acrylic Nude French Nail. They’re CRAZY good.

Who knew fake nails could look so natural? The taper in at the cuticle is pure genius!

Choose your preferred shape and then individual nail sizes. Apply glue on your actual nail and the false nail. (I made mistake of only gluing on one surface and the nails were popping off like 4th of July fireworks.)

Hold for 5 sec. Toss glue in your handbag for emergencies and run out the door!

A FAB alternative for when I can’t get in for a mani.
Easy, Peasy & Pretty!

Bonus: like celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards shared with us, try out the hottest new nail shapes of the season, Almond or Coffin, with a KISS nail without making a full commitment. Um, oui, svp!

M Fab Picks…

The KISS Insta-Wave both looks and sounds terrifying. But this curling iron works speedily giving you a range of curls from boi-oing, bouncy to loose and sexy.

You place the rod near your hair, and pressing the control dial, the rod spins, taking up your hair then curling it around and around. Hold it for up to 10 seconds for a more bouncy curl, or 3-5 seconds for a looser look.

Here is a short video showing you the KISS Insta Wave magic, right before your eyes.

I use it all the time when I want to curl and go – it gives my hair such a lovely shape and the curls are super smooth.


So next time when you’re in a beauty panic and have got just minutes to spare… It’ll be KISS to the rescue!

But it’ll be our little secret!

Mlle & M FAB

Looking forward to reading your comments!