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DIY Ugly Sweaters *Video*

December 5, 2015

Tis the season of the ‘Ugly Sweater’ and yesterday on Breakfast Television I shared in DIY segment how the make yours the ‘Ugliest’!

Using these ‘Ugly Sweater Kits’ from Marks, I took these sweaters to the next level.

Take a look at the segment and if you’re looking for a reminder on some of the trouble shooting tips & tricks I shared, they’ll be listed below the video.

Sweater #1

-Every item to design this sweater (with exception of the lights) are included in the kit. However I suggests using a hot glue gun to attach the pieces. Just remember to lay a piece of cardboard (cut up the box) on the inside of the sweater to stop the glue from seeping through the knit, attaching the front to the back.

-Color your mini white LED lights using coloured nail polish. The cheaper the better, it’s usually thinner and more transparent.

Sweater #2 (Chistmas Tree)

-Wear the sweater as you’re attaching the pine garland. If you don’t the knit of the sweater will stretch as you put it on and the garland will tear.


Sweater #3 (Fireplace Mantle)  

-The best way to create the pouch is measuring the border around the iPad screen in felt and then sew it directly on to the sweater.

-Unlike my sample, make sure you make the pouch horizontal and not vertical. You’ll be able to find moving fire videos easier. However I f your thin, go vertical, and if your making a child’s sweater, use an iPhone.

-Velcro is your friend! All the accessories are easily attached by Velcro… It makes driving a lot easier if you don’t have holiday stockings getting tangled in the steering wheel.\

Hope you enjoyed the segment and if you have a favourite holiday sweater, I’d love to see it! Share on the FAB Facebook wall or tweet me @immrfabulous!

Have a happy & ugly holiday!

Mr. Fab sweater

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