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Lipidol, Your $8.97 Skin Saviour!

December 3, 2015

A NEW product has just hit the market; And because it’s great for both Men and Women, the FAB team decided it would be the perfect time to bring back one of our favourite post styles:

He Said, She Said!

Let’s Start with


Winter is coming, and although the white stuff is beautiful, it can play havoc with my skin.

Sipping a hot choc with a friend, but hiding behind the cup so she can’t see my wind chapped cheeks. Or adopting gloves like the duchess of Windsor so my knarly knuckles are hidden. Ugh.

Thankfully, a new product line is here for the holidays to save my skin: Lipidol!

And the best part…. ALL the products retail for only $8.97! (available at Walmart).


First up: Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil

Okay, when I think of oil I have visions of a vat of Kentucky Fried Chicken grease. ICK. But I put on my big girl pants and tried Lipidol’s Cleansing Body Oil. Well, I have to eat my words because it is FANTASTIC.

My mum was visiting and I encouraged her to try it out. “It’s like a citrusy forest!” Seriously! As I lathered up it reminded me of a LIME LIFESAVER. So delightful!

From the picture you can see that my bottle has some product missing because I use the Cleasing Body Oil OFTEN.

Why? I like my showers hot. I know, it’s bad for my skin as it strips away lipids – fancy talk for skin moisture.

Well, with this product, it not only washes your skin, but also keeps the moisture right in your skin where it should stay! Merci!

My mum literally said to me, “it feels like it traps in the moisture”. And it does! Right after I towel off, my skin is super soft & hydrated. No more post shower dryness! Love it!

Lipidol After Shower Oil

I’m a body condiment freak. Every day I apply body crème head to toe as I like to keep the leather look strictly for my handbags.

I was dubious about the After Shower Oil… I’m usually rushing and tend to forget to rub in lotions. I was prepared for oil prints on my clothes. Oh, what we do in the name of testing new products 😉 !

I am pleased to announce that despite my four year old application process of ‘smack on and jet’, the oil soaked into my skin and not my cotton ensemble. WHO KNEW?!

The bonus; The feel of my skin.

It’s SILKY SMOOTH. When I touch my skin it feels like I just put on lotion, but the reality is, it’s from the After Shower Oil that I applied 8 HOURS AGO. I’m truly amazed at how well the moisture is retained in my body. Crazy awesome!

Lipidol has found a new home in my beauty bag.

I’ll be keeping as soft as a butter cookie this holiday!


It’s 7 am and I’m dusting on a face full of HD powder, ready for my on-air segment, but as soon as I finish I’m off to the bathroom to wash it all off.

The winter is a really hectic time for my skin. The cold, dry air, mixed with the constant face washing has left my dry and scaly.

So when my friends from Lipidol shared their new Cleansing Face Oil, I was excited to give it a go.

Now I know what you’re thinking…

‘Oil! My face is going to look like a greasy bucket of chicken, it’ll clog my pores and I’m going to break out!’

Trust me, I thought the same thing (and so did MlleFab!…) But that’s not the case!

The Cleansing Face Oil removes dirt and makeup while leaving the natural layer of oil that protects your skin and helps keep the moisture in.

Apply it first to dry skin, the make up and dirt will bind to the oil, then add a little bit of water and massage.

The oil then emulsifies into a foamy cream that will easily rinses off with water.

No slick chicken face, just beautifully hydrated skin.

Lipidol After Shave Oil

Now guys, let’s talk about why we hate shaving…

The aftermath! 

Raw dry skin, ingrown hairs and if we’re really lucky, red irritated razor burn.

Well it’s time we start to baby our skin and replace the natural oils that were just bladed off!

Lipidol’s After Shave Oil will smooth any irritation and help your skin retain its moisture.

And just to make sure I was 100% satisfied before I wrote this review… I rid all the hair on my face and slathered it on just to make sure!

Baby soft, hydrated and subtle!

Honestly, I have tried a lot of products… But there is no product on the market that performs like Lipidol and only costs $8.97 per product! It’s truly unbeatable.

Time to save your skin and save some money!

Enjoy this new find!

Mr & Mlle Fab

Looking forward to reading your comments!