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December 2, 2015

Travelling is my JAM. I LOVE exploring. Having adventures with a new culture is the BEST. My only prob is baggage. HATE IT. I’d rather go naked than wait for luggage that arrives late or lugging something heavier than Honey Boo Boo’s mom. Ugh.

So, how do I keep my skin in good shape by using only a carry-on? Bonjour, Morphology!

A Calgary based brand that is a newborn on the skincare market. The  Morphology team wanted to create a socially conscious product that would ‘transform skin through science’. Bring it on!

I was lucky enough to get to try the Morphology Travel Set serum Level 1 for eyes and face.

First off, the packing is clean & functional. And, it is PERFECT for carry-on requirements. Merci!

The feel is light. Absorbs quickly with zero greasiness. Au revoir, Kentucky fried chicken face!

Side note: Free of colorants and perfumes, this set is great for sensitive skin users.

What I loved was the smell: lychee! DELIGHTFUL. Because of that, it has now found a home in my carry-on beauty bag. Bienvenue!

Curious? Try the brand yourself with a 30 day RISK FREE challenge. And, please share your results with me on Instagram – @immllefab.

Morphology is definitely one brand I am going to keep my eye on. Plus, I will never worry about airport security again!
Mlle Fab Flight Friendly


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