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Lolë SS16

November 28, 2015

Chestnuts roasting on an open fiiiiiiiiire… My imbibing lots of toooooooooasts!


To ensure I don’t turn into Jabba the Hutt over the holidays I need me some inspiration. Ask & Ye Shall Receive! To keep me on my path, Lolë launched 3 new collections for SS16!

Lolë began in Montréal, but luckily for everyone outside of Québec, they decided to branch worldwide.

Great quality fitness and lifestyle gear. When I say quality, I mean: NO MORE SEE THROUGH PANTS. Can you hear the angels singing?!

3 new lines were introduced by Lolë director of design, Andy Thê-Anh, for SS16 at the Montréal Lolë Atelier this week.


Wicking fabric in great colours!

Keep that sweat away from your skin while rocking killer prints. Au revoir, chaffing!

Plus, freaking cool ‘post run/eating chips on my sofa’ wear. LURVE this sleeve-less wide neck hoodie.


Organic Cotton. Made from recycled bottles & wood. Sounds cray, but it’s stupidly SOFT.

Like JLo’s boytoy’s skin soft. You may just touch yourself all class ; ). Namaste!


Whether you’re lounging with a cocktail or playing a set of beach volleyball, Lolë has you covered. Literally.

Plus, the detailing is spot on!

Anyone for asymmetrical straps? DYING.

Or optical illusions? The mesh on this one gives the impression of longer limbs. What up, Ms. Bündchen!

My FAV are the sports bras!

If you follow me on Insta or Twitter, you probably noticed that I went a bit nuts for them.

Why? Adjustible band/straps, full support & PRETTY. Ladies, do I hear an AMEN?!

Usually supportive sports bras are FUGLY.  No one wants to see those. Mine are HEINY and probably should be burned.

The SS16 collection is so pretty, that I may actually go t-shirtless at the gym. Oui, they’re that PRETTY.

This is just a teaser, but I can guarantee that you’ll love the Lolë SS16 collections as much as I. Keep an eye out in March for the official launch worldwide.

While I wait, I will enjoy holiday hot chocolates but I’ll be thinking of Lolë!


Mlle Fab SS16

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