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Pajar X Sports Experts

November 25, 2015

Let’s be honest. Winter on the east coast is like stepping into a walk-in freezer in a bikini. The humidity is that BRUTAL. I have actually played with the idea of belting a duvet around myself. True story.

But this year, I am incredibly lucky as Pajar X Sports Experts sent me a gorgeous “Brooklyn” winter jacket!

Not only will I be actually WARM this year, but I will also look STYLISH. That’s right mes amies, it’s actually possible to be comfortable and not look like the Michelin Man at -40! I know!

This Québec brand knows winter weather and what it takes to keep your tush toasty. Water resistant and down filled. You will be nicely roasting, but feel like you’re only wearing air.

Remember walking into a metro/subway/mall and DYING of heat in your winter coat? Pajar X Sports Experts has your back. Literally. A special feature are the inner straps. Hook onto your shoulders & wear as a CAPE. Breathe easy and have your arms free for mulled cider toasts!

Let me take a moment for the hood. ANGELS SINGING Mes amis. The fur is SO SOFT.

Not only is it FULLY COVERED inside, but it’s also removable for easy cleaning or to wear without. I can’t even.

Here’s the truth. I’m going to sleep in my hood. IT’S. THAT. GOOD.

The extra bonus? There is an inner pocket with a headphone jack access. Um. Pajar X Sports Experts understands that I love listening to my jam while catching snowflakes on my tongue. Merci Beaucoup!

How can Pajar X Sports Experts get any better?

1 They make coats for ladies AND GENTLEMEN. Your sweetie’s hot cross buns will be covered!

2 For my animal lovers, Pajar X Sports Experts feels you by manufacturing ethically. The down in their coats is a by-product of the food industry. It’s never live-plucked or live-harvested.

As for the furs, they come from the strictly regulated North American and International Fur Trade Federation. The animals are never an endangered species and are not subject to inhumane treatment or live harvested.

Keeping me warm while giving me a figure in -40 and is ethically made? ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY.

I adore my new jacket. A HUGE MERCI BEAUCOUP to Pajar X Sports Experts. You made this lady feel very special. Try one of their winter styles yourself and I can guarantee that you’ll feel the same!

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