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Ogilvy en Fête

November 20, 2015

‘Tis the season to be thankful. For family, friends & health. Unfortunately, some struggle on the health front and need a bit of extra help.

Enter the stunningly beautiful Ogilvy; they’re there to help. 

And I was lucky enough to in attendance at their 6th annual fundraiser supporting the children’s hospital Sainte-Justine: Ogilvy en Fête!

Maison Ogilvy is a Montréal based store that behaves as beautifully as its luxury items. Talk about heart. Last year, the massive soirée raised close to $250,000 for the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation.

Judging by Wednesday evening’s attendance, I’m certain that the 6th annual Ogilvy en Fête will be just as successful!

Here’s what the evening looked like:

As I wondered the 6th floor building I was greeted with canapés & cocktails on every level. There were even cappuccino & spring water stations for those who were playing it straight. Fret not about toppling over your stilettos! 

Entertainment was sprinkled all throughout the boutiques. From a live band to wandering drag Elsas, they even had an artist doing portrait renderings.

Creatively Cool!

Make-up artists happily introduced new items as well as sharing complimentary stunning holiday looks.


The main event is the fashion show, which is walked by local celebrities.

I’m still learning the Québec ‘star system‘, but judging from the crowds’ screams, they were all BIG DEALS.

I have two fav moments from the fashion show.

#1. An 11yr old girl slowly made her way to crouch near the front of the catwalk.

She happily kneeled on the floor. Her head was locked on the models. It warmed my heart to see her so intent on taking in the clothes.

And then, when she actually got a chair to SIT IN THE FRONT ROW, she turned around and gave her mum the BIGGEST BEAMING SMILE that lit up the room. I didn’t capture on camera as I was too busy giggling at her joy. So charming!

#2. The closer of the fashion show was THE BOMB.

A beautiful young woman who happens to be a patient at Sainte-Justine, walked and OWNED a stunning strapless ball gown.

Perfectly Pretty!

So, why should you attend Ogilvy en Fête next year? 

As you’re swilling champers & digesting decadent morsels, you’re also raising money for the children’s hospital AND AS A BONUS you’ll also receiving 15% off in participating boutiques! I KNOW!

Ogilvy en Fête is a delightful fundraiser that I was TICKLED PINK to attend. I cannot wait to hear about the amount raised for the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation. Next year can’t come soon enough, expect my RSVP in the mail!

Mlle Fab en Fête


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