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Celebrating a Century of Frank Sinatra with Jack

November 19, 2015

There’s something new and extremely rare that has recently hit the market from my favourite Tennessee brand.

In honour Jack’s good friend Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday Jack Daniel’s 7th Master Distiller, Jeff Arnett, has carefully selected 100 of his favourite barrels and has released them as ‘Sinatra Century’ 

A bottle so rare that only 20 countries will receive the exclusive edition (as an example of the limited bottle quantities cities will receive, Calgary AB will receive only 45).

Last week, I was invited to sample the special 100 proof blend, thus reducing the available purchasable quantity by 1, and it was really something else!

A ‘wham bam’ filled sip filled with complexity that could only be compared to its predecessor, Sinatra Select.

But the purchase of Century comes with more than just a unique flavour profile.

Within the custom crafted wood lacquered box is an engraved Sinatra tie clip that holds an amazing secret.

A hidden USB drive containing a never before released audio performance of Frank Sinatra live from the Sands Hotel in 1966.

A special piece of history stored in a classic piece of fashion that I’m sure would have made Frank proud.

From the quality selection to impressive packaging, Jack Daniel’s Century is certainly a classy way to honour an iconic legend of music history.

Happy 100th Frank!

Mr. Fab century.

Looking forward to reading your comments!