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Chips as Salad

November 18, 2015

It’s never a bad night when you get to play tiddlywinks and hold giant yams.

Just another normal Wednesday here in Toronto.


A night surrounded by English culture and eccentricity, Tyrrells invited me along to experience their ‘quintessentially English’ take on chips.

Introducing three new flavours that are vegetable-centric (so basically salad), they are tasty, crispy, small batch, hand cooked ‘salad’.


Held at Toronto hot-spot Rasa, we not only got to try the chips ‘au naturel’ but incorporated into incredible recipes.

Cooking with chips? I’m in.

Check out their take on the iconic English ‘fish and chips’. Deep-fried halibut, encrusted with Tyrrells new ‘Sweet Potato, Carrot and Potato with Sea Salt’ chips.


This lamb with feta, pickled jicama and tzatziki was topped with TyrrellsSweet Potato & Smoked Chili’ chips. Yum.


What better way to wash down these tasty morsels with the drink I associate most with England – a Pimm’s cup!


By the end of the night, I was fully entrenched in English culture – right down to the jaunty cap and spectacles I somehow found myself wearing.


Eat them from the bowl or incorporated into your cooking.

They are tasty, Mates!

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