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Dominic Besner at Galérie MX

November 12, 2015

I’m a sucker for a beautiful line. If it’s pretty, I will hunt it down and STARE at it like a first rate stalker.

So, I was THRILLED when I was invited to the preview exhibit launch for Montréal artist, Dominic Besner’s <<la singulière nature humaine>> at Galérie MX!

Red carpet. Tuxedos. Champagne.

A flute was literally placed in my hand as my cape left my grasp. It was POSH with a capital P!

Beauty was EVERYWHERE.

In the bites.

In the cocktails.

And then the main event, Dominic Besner’s pieces. WOW.

Striking, Intense & Intimate.

He created this exhibit by inspirations from his childhood.

Dominic swept his arm to his art displayed on the walls and invited the guests to “Come play in my sandbox”. You can bet I didn’t wait for a second invitation!

There were so many beautiful pieces to choose from, but here are my fav 3. Why? I’m no art critic, but I know what I like. And, these ones ‘spoke’ to me.

<<Le silence des paquebots>>

Raw & Intimate.

When I saw this piece in person, it felt like I was seeing a deeply private part of Dominic. I KNOW that sounds so pretentious, but it’s honestly what it felt like. Viewing this piece is an INTENSELY personal experience.

<<Le maître et son valet>>

Cool & Immediate.

The brush strokes made it feel like he painted it while experiencing tonnes of emotions. Like it had to get out of him INSTANTLY. AGAIN, I’m not an art critic, it’s simply how this piece made me feel, which I think is really cool that art can evoke that in a viewer.

<<Le porte-avion>>

The beauty? Simply stunning.

This MASSIVE piece is what first greets you when you walk in the doors of Galérie MX. It is HUGE. 96” x 60”. I DIG.

Fall in love while at Galérie MX and have visions of hanging a stunning piece in your living room? OUI! You too could own an ORIGINAL CANADIAN BEAUTY.

Starting at 5350$, RUN to the gallery NOW as by the time I left a quarter of the 28 one-of-a-kind pieces had already sold.

Dominic Besner’s exhibit is on until December 1st. I highly suggest to give yourself a treat and head to Galérie MX to take in some beauty.
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