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Exclusive Evening with Jonathan Simkhai

November 9, 2015

Either I have some good karma or someone is smiling on me. Why? Last week, I was invited to an Exclusive Evening at Holts Montréal with Jonathan Simkhai!

The HOT RISING STAR DESIGNER was in Montréal to share his latest collection.

Recently dressed Kate Hudson to Gigi Haddad, then heads to Canada for the first time to have cocktails & chat design? No big deal. I WAS DYING!!!!

After admiring the sweet set-up – pun intended ; ),

I swallowed some liquid courage (Cotton Candy Martini) and approached the charming designer while I mentally made certain my teeth were clean.

Then putting on my best “I-talk-to-red-carpet-designers-all-the-time”, I finally approached Jonathan about his latest season.

“Strength. Determination & Drive: what I see in women. 

That’s the inspiration for my fall collection.”

His 2015 fall line is ready to wear, sleek and edgy.

Structured lines with peek-a-boo sections because it “gives women a fierce determination. Sexy, yet strong. That’s how I see women.”

This colour blocked duo is a must-have for my closet. PS My birthday is in December. SVP!

I also got a peek of his 2016 spring collection, which is INCREDIBLY DIFFÉRENT from his fall line. More of a red carpet feel. Very cool!

LOVING the versatility of this soon to TAKEOVER THE FASHION WORLD designer.

And, I was absolutely thrilled to be able to pick his brain on womens’ fashion.

Keep an eye out, as Jonathan Simkhai is going to be EVERYWHERE very soon!

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