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Best of Holiday Advent Calendars 2015 *LIVE*

November 6, 2015

Earlier this week I appeared on Breakfast Television with one of my favourite host side-kicks, Jill Belland, to dish on the best holiday advent calendars of 2015.

This year the choices seem endless, but with only room to share 5…

Here were my top picks!

Let me know what countdown calendar is your faviourite in the comment section below and I will pick 1 reader and award them their choice!

Mr. Fab to December 25th


  1. Awesome Advent Calendar selection!! The Craft Beer Advent Calendar is my favorite pick as it is so unique for adults. I love the Bernard Callebaut advent calendar refills. I buy them every year to refill my Bernard Callebaut Advent Calendar. Normally m I would say they are my favorite! 🙂 Happy Holidays and thanks for the fabulous blog! Ursula

  2. I love all of these advent calendars! They remind me of when I was a kid and my mom would make one for me and put little treats and toys in the pockets. My favorite is the David’s Tea calendar. I tried to get one last year but they sell out almost instantly! 🙁 That beer calendar is sure a showstopper though and I’m sure anyone who gets that will be thrilled!

  3. The Craft Beer Advent Calendar is so cool and unique. That is definitely on my list, hopefully Mr. Fab can help me cross that item off!

  4. Hands down the Craft Beer advent calendar!!! I mean come on, after a long stressful day what’s better than a tasty and unique beer?! Genius idea!!

  5. I’d Chose the Craft BeerAdvent Calendar, just a little correction, it is 11 unique beers to crafted for the calendar alone, two beers that you have not been able to find up in Canada. Nine beers from Canada, 15 from the US and new this year.. 4 beers in cans! 🙂

  6. That was a great segment! My favorite is the Craft Beer Advent Calendar! It’s definitely unique and would be such an enjoyable way to countdown to the holidays!

  7. I love when Alberta has something that Ontario does not 🙂 I love the craft beer calendar! Such a great idea. The DavidsTea calendar is a classic, I love that one as well. Great segment, Mr. Fab!

  8. So my mommy, G-rated self would LOVE the Pottery Barn reuseable advent calendar stuffed with Cococo chocolate for my little. My PG-rated, beer-n-pizza night self wants the craft beer advent calendar. So many hard decisions…

  9. I’m loving all the advent calendars. My favourite is the Starbucks Advent Tree – love the reusable ornaments and the treats. My hubby would be all over the Craft Beer Advent Calendar though – drinking his way into the Holidays!

  10. The Craft Beer Advent Calendar is awesome! It’s so special and different! This would make December extremely fun! Yay for Calgarians! Thanks!

Looking forward to reading your comments!