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Feeling Fine with Bonterra Wine

November 4, 2015

There are so many things I truly love about Toronto.

It has beaches and countless festivals, astounding galleries and world-class theatres, incredible museums and a real sense of civic pride.

It’s also home to one of my favourite places to spend a perfect Saturday afternoon.   Tucked into the Don Valley, surrounded by incredible hiking and biking trails, an old brick quarry has been transformed into the Evergreen Brick Works.


The best Farmer’s Market in the city, art spaces, a skating rink, incredibly unique event spaces, a garden centre and one of the top restaurants in the city, serving local and organic food, straight from farmers – Café Belong run by top chef, Brad Long.

Invited to a four-course Bonterra wine-paired, organic dinner hosted by David Koball, Vineyard Director at Bonterra, was an absolute life highlight.

I mean, look at this menu! Who knew there was shrimp in Ontario!


A secret between you and me… I don’t like seafood. But I put on my brave girl pants and dug in. Trying not to sound like a food snob… It was a symphony of flavours. And squid ink aioli… I wish they sold this in jars! Paired with the Bonterra Chardonnay was the absolute most delicious dish.

Next came the Halibut with zucchini pasta and pickled apple paired with Bonterra Viognier. The sweetness of the wine made the red curry sauce sparkle.

Third course was caribou ragu with black garlic spaetzle paired with Bonterra’s Cabernet Sauvignon. I’ve never had caribou and am not a ‘game meat’ lover… But this had me converted.

Then came my favourite course – dessert!

A family-style apple crumble with Ontario cheddar and a salted caramel swirled plate… Which I licked clean.

Oh, and did I mention who was sitting next to me?

Canada’s Top Model – Stacey McKenzie.

You, know. No big deal. (…it was a big deal and I tried to act cool… But surely failed. She is the coolest, most charming, funny and engaging person you will ever meet. And her legs. Up to my arm pits).


If you live in Toronto, are planning on travelling to Toronto, run don’t amble to Evergreen Brick Works and Café Belong. Their partnership with Bonterra is a match made in culinary heaven.

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