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VivierSkin – The Very Best in Skin Care

October 30, 2015

How did this happen? When I go to sleep I am me. When I wake up I am becoming more & more like a shar-pei. Wrinkles are popping up every day! WAH!!!!

Thing is I don’t wanna granny freeze face myself or get the alien look from excessive injections. Luckily, VivierSkin arrived at my door with a beautiful bag of amazing anti-aging products!

I love this brand! I. LOVE. IT.

I first came across it years ago at an aesthetic spa. I was past puberty but going through a stressful divorce which was making my skin a horrid mess. Pimples! (I know, gross.)

I was frustrated & thankfully was introduced to the VivierSkin skincare line. After using for a month my face cleared right up. I was AMAZED and have never looked back!

Needless to say, I nearly fainted when VivierSkin contacted me to try other products from their brand. Après giving my skin status (stupid wrinkles ruining my life), it was decided that the Anti-Aging Combination Skin program would be a good fit.

Developed in Québec, all of the products are pharmaceutical grade. What does that mean? Mes beautés, it means the products are scientifically formulated with a proper strength to have a positive affect on the skin.

Fancy talk for: it gives RESULTS. Kiss photoshop goodbye!

Beautiful clean packaging. Pretty much what I’d like my skin to be, svp!

All of the products smell simply lovely & fresh. And, the serum is divine!  Like a candied champagne. A little goes a long way.

IE Place 2-4 drops on the back of your hand, so the palm doesn’t soak up all the product. Serum 10 evens out complexion and brightens over-all skin tone. Exactly what I need for this coming winter!

And the feel? Luxurious & light. It felt as if I was putting whipped mousse on my skin. Again, only a little product is needed because it’s high quality.

How much do I adore you all? I-woke-up-and-washed-my-face-like-this. This is me, crazy brows and all, with zero make-up/retouching/filter. My skin has definitely improved with VivierSkin. Truth: I’d become their brand ambassador in a heartbeat.

Après using for two months, although I still have fine lines, I have noticed a brightness and plumping to my skin, especially around my eyes. (See result below with unretouched photos.)

This is my top face skincare product to date. Why? It gives results. Period.

Frustrated with OTC’s that aren’t giving you results? Try VivierSkin. I can guarantee you’ll become a lifelong user.


Mlle Fab rinkle Hater


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