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Jann Arden’s Story

October 29, 2015

In Canada the excitement surrounding the opening of the National Music Centre is growing.

Last night, I was in attendance at a sold-out event as part of the NMC & ATB Financial series titled ‘Story Tellers’

A recording project with Alberta based artists to share their stories of the contribution they’ve made to the Province’s (and world’s) music scene.

And last night, I was able to sit front row and listen to my favourite Canadian recording artist tell her story of life, music and what brings her true happiness.

Jann Arden

The night was unforgettable and in true Arden style, she had the packed house roaring with laughter as she shared stories of her path in Canadian music.

From her tipsy friend Diane who told her her favourite part of the not-yet-completely written song ‘I Would Die For You’ was the unfinished “yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah” part (which was then ultimately recorded that way), to the undiscovered Jann days where she found her self drunkenly singing Christmas carols mid-July in a non descript bar.

Her stories of her musical filled path were engaging and real.

At the conclusion of the 1 + hour interview, Jann took several questions from the fan filled crowd before closing the evening with a 2 song solo acoustic guitar set.

Both songs being my all time favourites.

I live Periscoped ‘I Would Die For You’ and the second song was ‘Unloved’; Complete with the story of how she first recorded the lyrics.

Jann Arden is an incredibly talented Albertan and I’m glad knowing that her ‘story’ was filmed for the National Music Centre’s archives.

She has a great one to tell!

Mr. Fab fan of Arden

Looking forward to reading your comments!