A Special Place

October 27, 2015

I’ve done some calculations, and over the past 10 years I have spent approximately 2,000+ nights in hotels & resorts.

A lot of stays, some questionable, but for the most part they were all “ok”.

But this weekend I stayed at a place like no other – a place I will never forget!

Welcome to Mount Engadine in the Canadian Rockies!


A cozy resort that keeps quietly hidden in the woods… But is by far one of the most magical places in the world.

There is no cell reception, no TV and very limited wifi, Mount Engadine is perfect without it!

From the moment I walked through the doors of the resort I felt at peace.

Welcomed by the small staff who live on site, it felt like I was ‘home for the holidays’, the fire was roaring and the ‘family’ excited to see me.

After my warm reception I was given my key to 1 of the 3 additional cabin suites that sit adjacent to Engadine’s main home.

(The resort at Mount Engadine is small and will remain that way as future construction in the Spray Valley Provincial Park is practically forbidden.)

As I turned my key and entered the Burstall cabin an ultimate sense of calm came over me.

The room was welcoming, crisp and perfect.

An electric fire place on the wall across from the bed flickered as it heated the space and out the window, the mountainous view was endless and unobstructed!

And with an oversized deck attached, it was a perfect place to relax and watch the sunset.

But it was almost time for dinner so I changed and headed back over to the main lodge.

Now here’s where I fall head over heels in love.

A family style dinner with the rest of the guests.

When’s the last time you actually sat down and had the chance to meet someone new?

No electronic distractions, just great conversation and amazing food – like sugar pumpkin soup with home made cheese curd, pickled onions & roasted pumpkin seeds!

During the well paced family style dinner, I laughed, I shared, I was truly engaged & happy.

Not to mention, I was able to deliciously stuff my face!

Pan seared duck with fennel puree & apple slaw, with sides too good to even tease you with, I couldn’t have been happier…

Until they brought out dessert!

Warm toffee bread pudding with roasted banana compote.

It quite possibly may have been the most enjoyable meal of my life!

After dinner we all retired to the communal living room beside the crackling fire place for a night of board games.

And after loosing my 2nd game of trivial pursuit, it was time for bed.

Now this story could go on forever and I could describe the stars, go on about the view and continue with food stories from breakfast or discuss the handmade packed lunch they sent with me hiking the next day OR you could just go, stay and experience it for yourself.

I can honestly say it was the best stay I have ever had, anywhere.

There is something so special about Mount Engadine and I know I’ll be back!

Maybe I’ll see you there.

Mr. Fab gadine

  1. Ryan! This place looks amazing!!! I had never heard of it and it’s right in our backyard!

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