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October 23, 2015

I travel a lot, and to help get to know a city when I arrive when I love to page through the city’s local WHERE magazine, which is usually found in my hotel room, to get tips on where to eat, shop and entertain myself.

The magazine’s features are typically created by in-house or freelance writers that live in the city and know it best.

It’s never steered me wrong!

Now because I’m such a fan of the magazine, I decided to pitch WHERE Calgary a Fall Fashion story in hopes to help their readers shop the city’s best.

And they took it to print!

Currently readable in their September/October issue, I introduce you to 4 of my favourite shops.

Leo (him & her), Modern Menswear (him), Bamboo Ballroom (her), and even Canada’s first Nordstrom (the entire family) all share their favourite items & brands they’ll be carrying this Fall.

Unique fashions and interesting collections, these stores are definitely some of the best places for our visitors to check out for Fall fashion!

And of course, if you’re ever looking for more suggestions, just tweet me at @immrfabulous, this city is full of great places to shop!

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