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A Special Space to Spa

October 22, 2015

You’d never guess it from its outside, but this little house on the popular 17th ave in Calgary has everything to make you feel beautiful on its inside!

It’s called Esme and it’s all about the custom…

Custom beauty treatments, custom fresh floral arrangements, and custom treats.

The Floral

A wide array of fresh floral and foliage are brought in daily.

Pick some of your favs or let them design you a mini bouquet.

The Treatments

It’s time to sit back and let Esme pamper you!

Take a browse of their essential oil menu card to choose your scents, you’re about to have a pretty spectacular pedicure. You can even choose from a variety of foot baths!

Hands, feet and endless facial treatments from scrubs to peels, Esme will have you glowing top to bottom.

And then there’s the snacks.

Hand made goodies to accompany your time spa-ing and they’ve even got a holistic nutritionist on hand in case you have any questions.

Esme is certainly a unique, quality spa experience like no other in Calgary!

A little house, a lot to offer!

Mr. Fab spa

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