Light the Night: Illuminasia

October 19, 2015

Right now, at the Calgary Zoo, something truly unique is taking place!

Welcome to glowing world of Illuminasia!!

366 hand crafted lanterns are being displayed thoughout the Calgary Zoo as part of a new yearly cultural extravaganza leading up to the Giant Panda Arrival in 2018.

Last week was the official kick off for India to take the spotlight.

The evening is filled with special moments highlighting the culture of India.

From the hour long dance performance that seemingly gets better and better until its grand finale, to the wonderful cuisine that is made available to purchase around the zoo!

Butter Chicken, Naan & Samosas? Yes please!

Illuminasia has been a whopping 2 years in planning, delayed due to the flood, and the results of their hard work…


Here are a few interesting facts about the festival which will stay open until November 1st.

  1. All 366 lanterns were custom designed and made for the Calgary Zoo.

  2. They were produced in China and all animals were shipped in whole form (except the Giraffe which was too tall to fit into the crate!).

  1. The lanterns are made with wire frames and covered with colourful silk rayons.

  2. All detailing is done by hand, using paint bushes & airbrushed detailing.

5. When Illuminasia wraps, these next little darlings will make their way to Chinook Centre as part of their holiday display!

The night is a truly a spectacular performance of arts and culture not to be missed.

Mr. Fab inasia

Looking forward to reading your comments!