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Fall Fit

October 18, 2015

Fall is here and so are bulky sweaters and chunky knits… AKA The Roll Hiders.

That’s right, tis the season of fashion distraction that takes the attention away from the extra 10 pounds I swore I’d loose this summer but didn’t.

And now with holiday parties and seasonal comfort food threatening to add an addition 10 I’ve decided to take action!

Hello Sport Chek, my new best friend.

The perfect place to shop for the only fall fashion I should be investing in!

So in anticipation of this season of jolly merriment, I went on a little bit of a ‘precautionary’ shopping spree to get all the holiday fixins I would need to help fend of the ‘pudding pie’, top to bottom.

Under Armour HeatGear Running Tank


Sleeveless so I can keep an eye on my “This way to the beach” pipes and with its mesh back I’ll keep cool & dry. And with its neon color and reflective detailing, I’ll keep safe during a night run.

New Balance NB DRY Shorts


Comfortable and lightweight, NB’s new fabric technology will wick away the sweat and keep me cool and dry.

But their best feature is the built in bicycling short that will keep my giant thighs safe from the dreaded ‘chub rub’ and help the shorts from riding up into a running thong.

The hungry bum struggle is real!

Asics Gel Cummulus 17


Asics are the FAB family’s first choice when it come to running shoes (Mlle. Fab is so shoe knowledgeable she should be their brand ambassador)…

After consulting with her and the well informed shoe team at Sport Chek it was decided that these shoes would be best for my running style. No turn out and heavy on the balls, these would keep me running safely the longest!

And lastly my FITBIT Charge HR


Now I’ve raved about the Fitbit all over social media and during my on-air segments… Why? Because I’m positively addicted to it!

My HR plus not only acts as a watch, it’s my personal training hype girl, always getting me motivated to keep moving.

My favourite feature of the Fitbit is the app that allows you to challenge your family and friends or anyone that has a fit bit for that matter!

You can set a challenge for a daily showdown or a 5 day work week hustle and include as many competitors as you like.

Now I’m a Leo and so motivated to win that I’ll do whatever it take not to loose!

But unlike Dan Clapson, I will not attach it to my dog!

So now that I have all the ‘tools’ it’s time to get moving!

If you’re on FitBit search me at and let’s challenge each other to get fit!

We are going to be bathing suit ready together next summer!

Mr. Fab fit

Looking forward to reading your comments!