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Find Your Fit at Mark’s

October 16, 2015

It’s Fall… The dreaded season where the days get shorter and the nights get colder.

And the worst part? I am forced to give up shorts for long pants!

Being a part of the ‘muscular thigh’ team, finding the right fit year after year is seemingly impossible. And usually, after about 4 hours of searching, you’ll find me curled up crying in the corner of a fitting room… Pant-less!

But this year, all that changed for the better when my friends from Mark’s called me and said:

“We have the perfect fit for everyone!”

Challenge accepted!

Mark's Levis denim immrfabulous Jeans Mens Fashion (2)

For Denim, Mark’s not only carries their in-house brand, they also carry numerous other brands like Buffalo, Silver and even Levi’s!

With multiple styles to choose from, my hopes were high!

So did Mark’s have “The perfect fit for me?”

Mark's Levis denim immrfabulous Jeans Mens Fashion (1)

I’d certainly say so!

First I started with a brand I knew; Levi’s.

Their newest 541 Athletic Fit ($79.99) offers a relaxed thigh and a tapered leg giving me the room I need in all the right places.

And to test them out, I rolled them up and went for a splash!

Mark's Levis denim immrfabulous Jeans Mens Fashion (3)

Athletic indeed.

But I still needed another pair, something darker, my ‘dressy’ denim.

This time I wanted to test their in-house brand; Denver Hayes.

MARK'S Denver Hayes Denim (1)

So I grabbed a pair of their FLEXTECH Classic Fit Stretch Coolmax Dark Wash Jeans ($64.99) and this denim was like nothing I had ever seen or felt before!

First off, they’re soft as heck and the stretch is out of this world!

Made from high performance fibers, the denim stretches every which way allowing me continue my training as a future high jump Olympian.

MARK'S Denver Hayes Denim (3)

And then there is the 360 Flextech Stretch Waist which allows the waistband to stretch up to 2 inches… This will come in real handy this holiday season!

They also are made with CoolMax Fabric that wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry in warm conditions… Perfect for wearing during the turkey sweats!

The best part: They fit, look good and make me happy!

MARK'S Denver Hayes Denim (2)
Mark’s is a place I think of when it comes to steel-toe work boots and below 30 warm winter wear but I never would have guessed it was the perfect place to shop for reasonably priced denim too… My mistake!

Hard to fit?

Mark’s has got you covered… Literally!

Mr. Fab eefy thighs, no problem!

Looking forward to reading your comments!