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Who’s Your ‘Legend’?

October 15, 2015

Recently Mont Blanc released a new fragrance line for men titled ‘Legend’ and I am totally digging its scent.

It’s sexy and clean; smells just like you’ve just stepped out of the shower and into an amazing party! (Or into the Apple Store because you phone has water damage from your shower time selfie)…

In honour of this launch, I’m asking for my readers to Tweet or Instagram a photo of YOUR male legend. (Tag @immrfabulous and #heismylegend)

We all have someone in our life that we could consider our ‘Legend’.

A parent, teacher, family or friend that was there at the right time and said the right thing that has inspired you in a way you have never forgotten. Heck it could even be the guy at McDonald’s who gave you the fresh fries!

Regardless, I want to know who it is!

And there will be prizes for sharing your legend!

I have 3 prize packs, all including the newest fragrance from Mont Blanc.

And for the best ‘Legend’ post, the winner will receive a $270 Montblanc Black Rollerball Cruise Collection pen.

The fanciest, highest quality writing instument on the market, because when you can’t text after taking your phone into the shower, you’ll need to start writing to your friends!

Who knows maybe it’ll even inspire you to write a note to your legend!

So share with me what guy has made a difference in your life and remember to tag me @immrfabulous and include #heismylegend in your post.

I’ll pick 3 posts on October 23rd and award them amazing Mont Blanc prize packs!

Can’t wait to see your legends!

Oh, and my ‘legend’?

This guy:

Mr. W.H. Ford who my elementary school was named after. He told me to always “Dream big” and because of that, I’ve always thought anything is possible!

Mr. Fab legend


Looking forward to reading your comments!