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Mlle Fab’s Fall Fitness Tips

October 14, 2015

The leaves are changing colour. The air is crisp. The time has come to pull out the long sweaters & opaque tights.

Although, the clothing layers are being added on, here are some fitness tips I give to my private clients which I’m now sharing with you – our dear readers – to help keep the personal layers at bay!

1. Ksenia’s ANYWHERE Workout

Bored? Switch it up with something new! This cardio workout is great for all levels as you go at your own pace and it can be done ANYWHERE. As always chat with a doc before beginning any exercise program. Bonus: you will sweat like you’ve never sweat before ;)! 

TIP: check in with a certified personal trainer for correct technique before beginning. Alignment over speed. ALWAYS.

Have FUN & let me know how it goes on twitter @immllefab!


Number 1: Abs start in the kitchen. Number 2: Probiotics help EVERY PART OF THE BODY to work like a machine! Bonus: Mes belles filles, it’s the BOMB for lady parts. An easy way to add probiotics to a regular day is with this product.

Sprinkle it on smoothies, fresh fruit or even salads, it’s a little extra crunch like a poppyseed, but packs a HUGE nutrient punch!

3. Garnier Skin Naturals Fresh Cleansing Cloths

After getting your sweat on, it’s important to cleanse your face within 30min to remove the bacteria that causes breakouts. So break your personal best on the hiking trail and then break out this gentle cleansing cloth on your visage. No sting, easy to transport & a delightful light rose scent!

4. Stingray Music APP

I don’t know about you, but on those tough days when I’d rather binge on Netflix & eat a pizza, music helps get my butt in action. I get bored easily and the great thing about this app is it has different genres depending on my mood. Don’t like what you hear? Skip it!

Right now, I recommend the Pop Hit List as it’s FUN with high beats per minute, meaning you’ll be itching to MOVE!

5. ASICS Gel Nimbus 16

I cannot say enough great things about ASICS. Physical health starts from the feet up with proper alignment. “Foot bone connected to the ankle bone”, etc. I have a high arch, neutral gait (no ankle twist) and am a fore foot striker (run on balls of feet).

This style has an higher arch support than other brands as well as more gel cushioning on the front of the sole which aids my foot shape & running style. Bonus: glow-in-the-dark gel which makes fitness enthusiasts easier to spot when doing night training runs.

This shoe is what I personally buy IN MULTIPLES. I’d make out with it if I could. Hey ASICS, I want to be your brand ambassador because I genuinely LOVE YOUR BRAND!

Well, mes beaux & beautés, as you enjoy the pretty colours of fall, channel Hal & Joanne to “Keep Fit & Have Fun!”


Mlle Fab
itness Coach


Looking forward to reading your comments!