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You’re Invited!!

October 13, 2015

Back from NY Fashion Week my thirst for fashion has been insatiable.

After seeing so many new and unique looks on the runway I have been wanting more than what my usual shopping spots have had to offer.

Thankfully I’ve come upon MASKA in the CORE, the brand’s second location in Calgary.

Inside the small boutique-like shop is a selections of men’s and women’s fashions that are well constructed… And styles that are simple yet unique and complicated in their design.



A forward thinking collection of Italian fashions for both men and women is available for very modest Canadian prices.

And they haven’t forgotten how to have fun!

After shopping the collection, and picking up a few great pieces, I decided to contacted the big wigs at MASKA to see what I could do about spreading the word on their brand.

I wanted to make sure my family and readers knew about them…. And they couldn’t have agreed more.

So tomorrow they’re letting me close the store to invite you in for a little wine & cheese; a personal shopping experience where you can explore the collection AND (if you’d like to purchase something) a 30% discount!

It’s a private event for my friends and readers who love fashion like I do!

You can either leave me a comment and tell me you’re coming (I’ll add you to the guest list) or you can email them at and let them know you’ll be there… Of course, your friends are my friends so bring them along!

Lastly make sure your phones are charged and let’s get some selfies together! 

See you tomorrow (Wednesday October 14th) at Maska from 6-8pm!

(Side note: Parking under Holt Renfrew is free for the first 3 hours after 4pm, so parking won’t cost you a dime!)

Mr. Fab aska

Looking forward to reading your comments!