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Top Five TWEEZERMAN Giveaway

October 9, 2015

As a dedicated TWEEZERMAN user, I’ve been taming my brows with their iconic, slanted tweezers for the past decade.
But TWEEZERMAN does not just make tweezers, friends!

They’ve  just released an amazing collection of make-up brushes called ‘TWEEZERMAN Brush iQ’.

Good brushes are hard to find – especially quality brushes that won’t start shedding the first time you wash them. Welcome, Brush iQ!

From a Blush Brush to a more technical Contour Concealer Brush – there is a brush for every face.

Whether your make-up application style can be described as ‘Five-Minutes-And-I’m-Out-The-Door’ or ‘Kim-Kardashian-Has-Got-Nothing-On-Me’ – these brushes are made for you.

Falling somewhere close to a ‘full Kim’ – I am a make-up brush nut. Always searching for brushes that perform better, waste less product, are easy to use and feel nice on my face.

The entire collection is a total dream but I wanted to share with you my Top Five Faves I know you’ll love as much as I do.

Flat Top Foundation Brush

No one wants to look like a cakey-faced oompa-loompa when it comes to foundation. The key to a flawless, naturally buffed face is a great foundation brush.

The flat surface of this brush allows products to be easily picked up without a lot of waste. Using small, circular motions around the face will easily buff product into your skin, leaving it flawless-looking without a streak to be found.

I’ve also been using this to apply cream blush on the apples of my cheeks.

Love me a multi-functional brush!

Blender Brush

Don’t be afraid of the size! It looks a lot larger than your average shadow brush – but that’s because it does so much more. The perfect brush to use when sweeping a solid base-colour across your lids, the pick-up of this brush is unbelievable! You can also use this brush to ‘blend’ shades together – creating soft definition.

I also use this brush for a more precise finishing powder application.

Pointed Concealer Brush

Zits be gone with this pointed beauty. Easily cover up all blemishes and discolouration with this little star. I love the domed tip and how it easily sneaks into all dips and bumps and hiding places. By applying your favourite concealer first, use this brush to tap, blend and cover up to your heart’s content.

Brow Brush


Now this.

This is a shining star.

The key to achieving realistically shaded brows is a thin-tipped, angled brush. You need a brush that will pick up just enough product to create the illusion of fuller brows, without looking like you’re breeding spiders up there.

Thin, perfectly angled, just the right size.

This brush is the golden ticket.

Finishing Contour Brush

This is like a Swiss-army knife of make-up brushes. You can use it for applying, then buffing in your contour, applying cream or powder blush, adding a touch of highlight to your cheekbones (strobing) or to buff in your foundation.

I love how natural products look when applied by this brush.

Now that I have all your make-up senses tingling, we’re so pleased to announce we’re giving away my Top Five Fave brushes plus a limited edition Glitterai slant tweezer to one lucky winner!

There are three ways to enter:

Like us on FaceBook, then tell us about which Tweezerman BrushiQ you’d love to try

Follow me on Twitter and tweet the following:

I want to try @immfab’s Top Five Fave Brushes from the @TweezermanCa BrushiQ collection. #TestYourIQ

Comment below telling us what brush you’re most excited to try

Good luck, Fab Friends. We’ll draw for this amazing prize early next week.

M Fab Brow Aficionado

  1. I would love to check out the brow brush!! My brows need all the help they can get. Think Andy Rooney level brows. Yup. I need help. Also the contouring brush. Bring on the strobing.

  2. I would love to win. I am an embarrassing newbie to make-up brushes. Trying to step up my eyebrow game, so I’d be especially excited for the angled brow brush!

  3. The contour brush needs to be in my make-up bag. Please help this contouring newbie so I don’t look like a paint by colour!

Looking forward to reading your comments!