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SkinFix is my new Everything!

October 8, 2015

Sometimes I feel super lucky to be with the Fab Fam as I get to try cool new products & meet amazing people.

This is one of those times.

SkinFix launched in Québec & threw a beautiful breakfast fête with Montréal’s social media mavens!



How lucky was I to be sitting with Montréal’s bevy of beauté bosses?!


Amongst such lovelies as Eugenia from Ommorphia to Marika from LouLou Magazine to Katia from Lapiz of Luxury to name a few. We all oohed and ‘ah hah’ed at the new Canadian brand.

Walking us through, was Francine Krenicki who left La Mer and Strivectin to join the Canadian brand when it was just an idea. SkinFix was made to heal skin from the inside out. Replenish & Maintain Moisture: Sensitive Skin to New Born Babies and from Diabetes to Eczema.

Created by a pharmacist and derm approved, made from natural ingredients so the body can recognize & then use to rejuvenate the skin from the base level. Can I get an amen!

Mes amis, I am pleased to introduce you to my new skin crushes.

SkinFix 12 Hour Miracle ointment. It can be used on hands, lips, cuticles, you name it. Soothes while adding LONG LASTING hydration to protect during long flights, dry winters, ski-ing, bra chaffing or for constant hand washers.

It is my new BFF and I want her to meet you all!

SkinFix Ultra Rich Hand Cream. Like every single product in the line, it is made without parabens, phthalates (chemical preservatives) nor fragrance.

This puppy is HYDRATING. And, leaves my hands supple. Oui, SUPPLE. Like the soft smooth feeling you get from dipping your hand in a bag of buttered popcorn but without the greasy finish… You get the picture.

Cleansing Oil Wash.

Gentlemen in my life rejoice as you no longer have to smell like pomegranate & roses! Fragrance free, this multi-purpose cleanser hydrates while washing.

Face to Finger Tips, it replensishes US ALL. These ladies at SkinFix are so smart!

Lip Repair Balm. With 40% coconut oil, I thought I’d be looking like I made out with a Big Mac. Not so! Non-greasy & easy to wear. Alone or with pigmented lipstick, say sayonara to peeling puckers!


Daily Lotion.

Besides continuing to feed my body, it also leaves my skin as soft as Madonna’s new boytoy’s cheeks. Baby smooth!

Inked Tattoo Balm.

Crazy cool new product exclusively launching in Canada at the moment. With orange peel & coconut oil, this balm heals new tattoos & revives colour of old ones. I tried on mon copain & the colour did deepen.

Check my Instagram (@immllefab) for the follow-up result. PS the orange peel smells fantastic!

How much do I LOVE this new Canadian brand? LOTS. I usually photograph brand new unopened product so I can get a good pic. Well… I broke into EVERYTHING immediately because it’s that good (and I’m secretly a 4yr old).

Seriously. I had to refrain from texting all mes amis to go out & purchase pronto.
Consider this post my mass text, mes beautés ; ).

Skin issues from sensitive irritations to medication induced problems? TRY SKINFIX. Available across Canada in Pharmaprix & Jean Coutu for under $20. 

Heal your skin from the inside & join the SkinFixed population!

Mlle Fab Skin Saved


Looking forward to reading your comments!