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Walk the Carpet

October 2, 2015

During the Calgary Film Festival 200+ films are shown and numerous colours of carpets are laid.

Last night I was in attendance at the Black Carpet Gala for the premier of the Canadian produced A Christmas Horror Story

As one of 200 films that are shown during the festival, this one is certain to become a cult classic! 

A nearly packed theatre cheered loudly as the lights went down and William Shatner made his first on-screen appearance.

The film shares 4 story lines which all take place on Christmas Eve.

A typical quiet night where most families are sipping eggnog around the fireplace, the setting is wildly different for the multiple people this movie centred itself around.

There’s a family road trip gone wrong, a threesome of curious teenagers who become locked in the school basement and a trespassing family who get more than just a stolen Christmas tree.

But the true Joyous Noel of the plot was the tale of Santa and his rouge elves.

And not to give too much away but the audience was totally on Santa’s side when he used one of his elves heads like a bowling ball to smash in another’s.

The film was scary, funny, jumpy but most importantly completely original, well produced, well shot and well acted.

It was a perfect choice for this years CIFF Black Carpet Gala!

I say it’s a “Must See!”

Mr. Fab holiday horror

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